Blendamaze combines labyrinth game and paint palette into a unique, colorful family-friendly game that’s both challenging and educational! Discover an exciting, addictive new way to put your color theory skills to the test!

Some App Store reviews from fans!!

"Best puzzle game to come out in a long time. Will definitely keep you busy for a while!"

"One of the best puzzle games I've found this year! Truly addicting!”

"Wow, I'm blown away by this one. The idea behind the game is brilliant, gameplay is addictive, the controls are spot on..."

“Easily my favorite tilt maze game!

"Teaches about color mixing and balance. I can't stop playing!"

"Its realllly fun and addictive. Buy it!"

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  • Over 100 beautifully-designed levels!
  • Blend primaries, secondaries and tertiaries!
  • Bonus near-impossible “Full Spectrum” levels!
  • Solve tough levels with the Painter’s Toolbox!
  • Kids can paint endlessly in “Just Paint” mode!
  • Leave paint trails all over the board!
  • Nearly endless color blending combinations!
  • Rewards for blending accuracy!
  • Use level helpers to tackle tough levels!
  • Realistic gameboard physics
  • Smooth difficulty curve
  • Customizable recalibration
  • New levels and features released regularly!


Built with Corona SDK