~ A fun new way to put your color theory skills to the test! ~


  • A unique blend of labyrinth & paint palette!
  • Made for everyone - adults and kids!
  • Over 100 colorful, handcrafted levels
  • Blend primaries, secondaries and tertiaries
  • Bonus near-impossible "Full Spectrum" levels
  • Intuitive in-game instructions and smooth difficulty curve
  • Realistic gameboard physics and fun visual effects
  • Leave paint trails all over the board!
  • Timed Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • Endless color blending combinations
  • Customizable recalibration

Reviews & Testimonials:

  • "Blendamaze takes traditional wooden gaming elements and mixes in some all important color theory to create a challenging tilt focused title."

    -- 148apps

  • "...beautiful graphics and realistic physics"

    -- AppAdvice

  • "My students LOVE Blendamaze! Not only is the app fun and addicting, but my students review, practice, and learn color theory through gamification!"

    -- Alecia Eggers, Elementary Art Teacher, Clive Learning Academy

  • "It is more than just a maze with a ball that you roll around. The added element of mixing colors in order to complete a level gives it a fun challenge that will keep you coming back for more."

    -- iDownloadBlog

  • "Beautiful rendition of an old favorite with a new twist."

    -- App Store Reviewer

  • "A Symphony of color!"

    -- App Store Reviewer


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